Why Now? Hope for the One

The journey as an adoptive mom has been the greatest treasure of my life. I can honestly say now even the 7 years of waiting to be an adoptive mom is part of the treasure.   BUT that doesn’t mean it was easy.

Here’s what I know :

Being a mom can be challenging

Being a mom when life is HARD is challenging

Being a mom of an adopted child can be challenging.

Being the mom of an adopted child when life is HARD can feel impossible.  There is a level of complexity that is added to the challenge.


I suspect you are just like me , I don’t want to just be a mom, I want to be a great mom.


There are so many things our daughter has had to overcome just to be willing to accept our love as her family.  After only 18 months in there are still things she struggles with and suspect there will be many more things to come.  She needs me just as any young child needs her mom.

such as:

She needs me to hold her

She needs me to talk calmly to her when she is terrified of the bath, the potty, the dr.

She needs me to be patient in new places when she wants me and only me to hold her hand.

She needs me to be emotionally, physically, mentally available so I can discover the resources she needs to THRIVE.

If you have ever experienced an overshadowing of sadness you know being needed like this can at times seem impossible.  It’s like being in the middle of an ocean trying to save someone from drowning when you don’t have a life vest yourself.  Depression is not new for me. Grief has wrecked me for what seems life years.

But I’m learning how to overcome, and I’m committed to the process of growth towards REALLY enjoying life everyday.

I’m willing to show up , for myself, for my family, for my daughter and for you.  I want you to find the hope in my story and my struggle. Life is beautiful. Most of the time it’s up to us to see the beauty.


If there is one mom who has been struggling but who grows to love the life she has an adoptive mom then it’s worth it for the one.


Will you be committed to journey of growth ?  To become a mom who can embrace the wait, the hard, the dark days and learn to see them in a way that gives you the strength you need to make it everyday.


Taped to  my computer I have the quote “Somebody somewhere is depending on you to what God has called you to do”


This is why I’m here and this is why you are here.  Let’s do this .



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