Episode 7: Jennifer Phillips

In this episode Kelli is chatting with Jennifer Phillips. 

She is the author of 30 Days of Hope for Adoptive Parents and knows how to harness the power of hope and connection to uplift fellow adoptive parents. Jennifer went viral for a blog post that documented her struggle and eventual revelation about power struggles between parents and children.

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Jennifer: [1:59] So we’re going to be doing campus ministry and once we knew we were moving to Australia we thought, Well we’re never gonna be able to adopt because adoption laws in Australia are really strict. Adoption is really rare for a lot of different reasons. But we just couldn’t let it go.

Although Jennifer and her family knew there were going to be obstacles, though they would be surprised by just home many,  they found a way to bring home their daughter Lucy. 

Jennifer: [8:25] The Lord did a really beautiful thing in that he kind of showed me that I was a lot like Lucy. In the ways that she would put her hands up and you know try to get away from me, 

that’s really what I was doing to him. When I was like look you know I don’t like you, I don’t think that you you have my best interest at heart, I don’t trust you. And so really, it gave me compassion for her and her story. But also opened my eyes to wait a second.In the same way that I want to love Lucy and provide for her and love her and give her these things that she hasn’t had before, the Lord loves me. And I can’t understand right now how this is good but I have to trust that he’s my father. And he is good and he’s perfect.

Jennifer and her daughter Lucy were stuck in the U.S. for 2 entire months with the rest of their family back in Australia. While it was a hard time, Jennifer opened up and embraced the lessons the Lord was teaching her. 

Jennifer: [31:20] I really wanted to touch on the heart issues. You know, what is what is God’s heart for adoption? What are what are the hard things about adoption?  What does adoption reveal in us that maybe is hard to look at sometimes? What what’s he doing in our our kids…

Jennifer is referring to her desires from an online study she did with adoptive moms for her 30 Days Of Hope For Adoptive Parents book. If you want to check out more information about the book you can find it below, along with the other books Jennifer mentions during the show. 

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