Episode 6: Tara Counterman

In this episode, Kelli chats with Tara Counterman all about the importance of self – care through motherhood.

While Tara is not an adoptive mom herself she offers an extremely important perspective for anyone in the throes of their motherhood journey. As an entrepreneur mom with two toddlers, she learned quickly that she can’t pour from an empty cup. Now she is passionate about helping moms get into a state of mind, implement structures and make sustainable changes to show up powerfully in motherhood AND for themselves. 

She is the host of Limitless Mamas: The Podcast (previously Beauty in the Blooming as mentioned in the episode). Connect with Tara on Instagram or over on her website here!

Show Notes:

Tara [6:38] But for me personally we were in a place where I just felt like I was becoming someone that I didn’t want to be.

I was really impatient and I was really just stressed out and overwhelmed all the time. I didn’t feel like a person and I felt like I was a mom and that was it. 

And it was something that was really hard for me to to realize and I knew that I needed to. I needed to make a change. 

This was when Tara first dove into the direct sales world. She always had the entrepreneur bug and was really drawn to something that she could do from home while raising babies. It was the start of a whole new life for her. One where she valued herself, and was able to pursue a dream AND be a great mom.  

Tara [12:53] I have just worked through so many limiting beliefs that were affecting the way that I was parenting and kind of my just my general outlook. I knew I needed to dive into those. So by writing out it kind of got that onto a piece of paper.  I had to address it and then I would just free write everything that came up around that specific limiting beliefs, or what I was struggling with, or what I was telling myself that wasn’t true. And you know over a couple days it was something that I could work through and reading it on paper it seems a lot more silly than the power that it has in your head right.

 Tara [18:57 ] I was just a better mom. I was so much more patient and I was so much more affectionate because I didn’t feel like my space was being crowded from the second my feet hit the ground.

I didn’t feel like I was instantly needed, that I had to slip into this role of doing everything for everyone except for myself.

Self care is so much about you but it’s even more about them.


As moms it is so important that we remember we can’t pour from an empty cup. By trying over & over again the only thing we are doing is setting the example for our children, these tiny humans we want to protect, teach, and  love that  it is okay to stop loving themselves too. Don’t let excuses hold you back from becoming the mom you are meant to be. 



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