Episode 5: Megan Nilsen

In this episode, Kelli chats with Megan Nilsen about her leap of faith.

Megan is a Colorado girl though and through! She and her husband adopted their two youngest from Ethiopia in 2011 to complete their family of six. Megan believes adoption is the best, hardest thing they have ever done. It broke open all she thought she knew about life and love and allowed God to usher her into a deeper spiritual journey — one she wouldn’t trade for the world.

Check out Megan’s book, A Beautiful Exchange, for more about her journey and learning how to have faith.

Show Notes:

Megan [3:10]: What does it look like to walk with the lord in anything he’s calling you to do?

Megan started blogging as a way to reach out to others on their adoption journey but it soon evolved into a form of personal therapy for her.

Kelli [4:39]: There’s kind of always that thought that if we’re going to step into what God calls us into in faith, that’s he’s going to make it a little easier.

Megan’s blogging slowly turned into writing content for a book, knowing that since her journey as a mom has changed, others would be able to relate to her journey. She found herself in therapy during this time which enabled her to find a sense of inner peace and clarity within herself.

Megan [6:19]: If you’re going to be the mom that you were created to be, then you need to be the daughter of Jesus. That’s how you’re going to fill yourself up and be a mom to these kids.

She kept her faith in the Lord, knowing that as long as she trusted him, he would lead her on this beautiful journey.

As a self-proclaimed people pleaser, Megan struggled with feelings of defeat and tends to hold those feelings close to her heart. Counseling helped immensely and Megan credits having a therapist who didn’t mince words with her.

Megan [13:11]: When you’re living as a daughter of the king, then you can then become the mother that you need to these kids.

We all have to decide at some point during our lives if we want to stay in our comfortable little bubble or if we want to take a leap of faith and follow down the path the Lord calls us to. It might not be the easiest path but overall, it will be the most rewarding path in the end.

Megan [19:42]: Okay Lord, I feel like you called us in this direction and now I feel like you’ve just screwed up everybody’s life. […] You tell me how this works for anybody.

She found that being honest with people and being willing to receive help made a difference. You may feel vulnerable opening yourself up to others but when you keep things to yourselves, it only festers. This may not be just professional help, but help from your church, help from friends who simply want to bring you a meal.

Remember, the children are not the enemy. For all the fear, doubt, anger that you are feeling, they may be feeling it tenfold and not know how to channel those feelings. It’s okay to need help. That doesn’t mean that you are a bad person or that you are not cut out for this journey.

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