Episode 2: Embrace Your Story

In this episode, Kelli shares her story and encourages other adoptive moms to embrace theirs.

Show Notes:

Kelli [0:52]: If you’ve completed your adoption, then you know that the real work begins at home and doesn’t really end.

Even children adopted at birth are going to experience the trauma of loss (their birth family) but we can help empower our children to work through that trauma. It is our job to provide them a space to process their story.

We can’t help our children process their grief until we’ve found our own peace within our lives. Children feed off of our emotions and learn how to navigate their own life by watching us live ours.

Kelli [4:40]: It is important for us to show up for our kids in the way that we are trying to get them to show up for their own selves.

We need to let our children “own their story”. It is our job to equipment our kids with the skills to build themselves up and know that THEY create their own self-worth; that their self-worth is not defined by their circumstances.

We need to analyze our own patterns of thinking and take into consideration how that may affect how our children establish their own patterns.

2 replies on “Episode 2: Embrace Your Story”

  1. Kelli! I had missed episode 2 so I went back to listen. Oh My! What wisdom you have imparted here! I am certain this has blessed NOT ONLY adoptive moms. I find myself nodding and amen-ing through the podcast! God bless you girl.

    1. Thank you so much Terria ! It means a lot ! Since I’m just starting it’s easy to second guess my words and know what will resonate with people ❤️

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