Ep. 10 Jenna McKnight

Today Kelli talks with fellow adoptive mom Jenna McKnight.

As an adoptive mother of a child with reactive attachment disorder, Jenna was all too familiar with the complicated emotions associated with adoption. Redeemed through prayer and fellowship, Jenna and her husband were inspired to share their message of hope with other adoptive parents through their community, Love Radically.

She lives on a farm in Central Florida with her husband and five children—and is deeply passionate about helping other adoptive parents dealing with trauma know they are not alone.

Jenna: [3:05] The mom who was putting on the fundraiser just approached me and handed me two tickets and she said, these tickets are for you and your husband. And I was so embarrassed because I thought, oh my goodness I’ve got to come up with money to pay for these tickets that we don’t have. And I said, I’m so sorry but we just can’t. And she said no the Lord’s just laid it on my heart that I’m supposed to give these to you guys. You’re just supposed to be there

Jenna’s adoption story began with many thoughts of who adoption was for, and did not believe her family was the type. 

After this fundraiser event they knew that this was the path they needed to take. 

Jenna: [11:30] And so when I landed in Ghana pregnant and very very sick with morning sickness and exhausted, after you know two days of travel and all of that, I discovered that all of our appointments had been rescheduled for two weeks later. 

Jenna believes that God was really preparing her heart during this long and difficult adoption process for what was coming ahead. 

Jenna [18:25] My husband’s gone all day. And I would call him in tears and he would get home in the night and I would be just so exhausted. And I would tell him these things and she was not that same way with him. And so he told me years later that he really struggled with believing me. He was like obviously I have no reason to not believe my wife that these things are happening but when he was home she had a totally different persona.

As moms we tend to take on so much more than anyone knows, that is why it is so incredibly important that we always, always take care of ourselves. 

Jenna [29:46] If it weren’t for Jesus and knowing that he can heal from this he can restore our family and coming to a place where I truly believe that and I believe that I’m not at fault for where we’re at. My job is only to be faithful to him and trust. However it turns out and that’s all I can do.

Jenna: [] They know what they’re doing and it’s been such a godsend, such a blessing, because I know that she’s safe. She’s well taken care of. She’s getting the therapy she needs. She’s getting the structure and stability that she needs in an environment where they can keep her and the other girls the program safe.

There are so many resources & communities out there to support you on this journey. It is why I am so passionate with my calling here. While it can feel like you are so alone and isolated Jenna reminds us the importance of asking for help. So our kids, for our family, for ourselves. 


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