Ep. 30 Nothing is Conventional in Adoption with Christa Jordan

This week on Beauty Is Rising, Kelli speaks with Christa Jordan. 

Christa is a wife, mom through international adoption, total coffee snob, Disney obsessed, and believes most life lessons can be learned from Mary Poppins. She and her husband are both former social workers turned writers, and she’s doing all the things she said she never would like homeschooling, eating gluten and dairy free, and using essential oils like a total hippie. Christa is the author of the workbook Before You Adopt: A Guide To The Questions You Should Be Asking, and is passionate about sharing the joy and pain of adoption and foster care. She believes in sharing authentically, thinking holistically, and is a total introvert and processor through words. A born and raised Texan, she’ll never say no chips and salsa and will always pay extra for guac. You can find her pouring more coffee and sharing spoonfuls of her life on instagram @spoonfulfofjordanblog and going deeper on her blog at spoonfulofjordan.com.

Christa admits the difficulty of completing a private adoption in a foreign country.

“It was probably the second or third day that we had been there. And I just saw like everything, just like how difficult it was.

And I just looked at my husband and was like, is this even gonna happen? I don’t even know if this is going to work. How is it? What are we doing? This is impossible.”

The referral moment is such a crazy emotional moment.  Christa shares the moment they said “yes” to their boy. 


[26:45] “So I answered and, you know. So the director of the agency there started telling me that they they felt like they had a little boy who who would could fit in our family really well.

And she started describing him.

And I knew instantly who she was talking about. And that was our boy. And so, you know, of course, I let her get through everything. And then, you know, she’s she said his name ever. She was like, you know, I want you and your husband to consider. And I was like, yes, yes.”

Christa talking about some of the preparations they had done before completing their adoption.

[30:45]”I was so wrapped up, like in this unconventional process that I honestly didn’t really have a whole lot of time to think about, like what actually is going to look like when we get home, right. And of course, like for us to I think it was different because we did have that background and we we it took a really amazing course like while we were waiting, called Empowered to Connect. It’s based on the book The Connected Child is all about. And that was insanely helpful to us.”

Christa describes how adoption can be lonely.

[37:08] “And so it was hard because I felt like I just I was having a really hard time finding that community, finding other women. And it was just like this vicious cycle of like, OK, I want to fit, but I don’t fully fit here. And then I had a really hard time like finding other adoptive moms in my area to connect with. “

Why the “Before you Adopt” workbook is so valuable:

[52:24]”And really, this workbook came about because my experience as an adopted mom and then also the background that I have in social work, like something that I just saw, a huge need. You know, you don’t know what you don’t know. And a lot of times people come to this and there’s so many things you should be thinking about when you know it before you walk into foster care or adoption. But a lot of times people just don’t even know the questions that they should be working through and asking themselves. And so so I created this workbook”

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