Ep. 26 Creating Belonging Through Compassion and Love

This week on Beauty Is Rising, Kelli speaks with Monique Scrip. 

Monique is a wife and adoptive mom of three boys. Having adopted 3 boys from foster care, she says her kids have been a blessing to that is far more than she could ever bless them. They allow her to see Jesus through them every day. 

Monique is a certified Enneagram coach and owner of Monique Scrip Coaching. On her day job, she helps people become the best version of themselves by uncovering the roadblocks that are holding them back. She makes mistakes as a mom daily but tries to put one foot in front of the other and hopes of leaving a legacy for her family.

[Monique, 12:30] “You just put one foot in front of the other and move forward. And thankfully now with what I do with coaching, I’ve created a life where I have more flexibility in my time and in my schedule where I can be a little more present with the boys. But in those early years, I think the best way to describe it would just be, “there’s just never enough hours in the day” and I didn’t know how I was doing it, but I just kept moving forward.” 

Monique sharing how they managed to come this far with having a family. 

[Monique, 14:20] “Our entire family does therapy. We gain a lot of clarity and perspective from that. Just having other people to bounce things off of. To share thoughts and feelings. The boys know they have that as a safe place. If there is something they don’t feel comfortable during, thus they know they have therapists, that they can have that as an option for being able to be heard.”

Monique on the kind of resources and support system found in their community

[Monique, 29:42] “We are all wired differently and a lot of that comes from birth. So of course there are going to be things in our life that contribute. But if you can think about biological children who are born in a home and they may experience the exact same childhood, but one of them can have this one personality and then the other one can have a totally different personality.”

Monique on why adjustment can be easier to one more than the other. 

[Monique 35:19] “If you have someone who may really struggle to be intruded on with their time and you bring a child into the family dynamic, that can be something that can be stressful because they feel like I don’t have a second to myself where they feel like they have to be giving their resources all the time because fives are very in tune with how many resources they have to give.”

Monique providing a sample interpretation of an Enneagram personality type.

“Learning about ourselves, even just with our marriage, plays into our parenting. If we feel that we have a strong relationship with our spouse, a good support system, and we communicate well, when you have multiple children, sometimes your communication is just like in passing. So, it’s your understanding with yourself and your spouse that will give you a lot of peace of mind as you are being more confident as a parent.”

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