Ep. 17 Johanna Cannelongo

This week on Beauty Is Rising, Kelli speaks with Johanna Cannelongo.

Johanna is a mama of 8 children – 4 naturally and 4 “supernaturally” by the gift of adoption.  She lives in Maryland on a little farmette with her husband and family. Her husband can only be described as funny and kind, and super patient with Johanna’s obsession with all things furry and feathered.  Majority of Johanna’s time is spent giggling and playing with her babies, but she can also be found gardening, in the barnyard or at her computer writing.

Each day is lived chasing joy while pushing forward in faith after the loss of their little girl, Gianna Lilyfaith.  Johanna and her family desperately miss Gianna, and live with half of their hearts in Heaven. Gianna has taught her and her family so much about being brave, keeping faith and making space for co-existing joy and sorrow that fill each moment.

“Jesus is our LIVING HOPE and hope saves us every day.”

When Johanna speaks of being called to adopt their first child and getting her husband on board.

[ Johanna 6:28 ]“ … but if you’re not jumping together and you’re not hearing him together you’re going to have problems later I believe than just facing the hard.”

Johanna referring to bringing her daughter Gianna home from China.

[ Johnna 28:34 ] “ … it was a beautiful time in China adopting her and we brought her home and you know she just forged a bond with everyone in the family immediately little Gia, she just literally warmed up to everybody’s heart immediately and you just you couldn’t get enough of her squish in her lipids and her curly hair and just her soft skin and such a gift such a, such a gift from heaven.”

[ Johanna 29:56 ] “The hardest, hardest things with bravery, and you know bravery is not removal of fear. It’s rushing and walking forward regardless of fear …”

[ Johanna 32:51 ] “And and just like that verse Isaiah 41-10 a staple here. He truly is faithful to his word and he doesn’t promise easy but he promises he will go with us and carry us.”

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