Ep. 16 Jordyn Glaser

In this week’s episode, Kelli speaks with Jordyn Glaser.

Jordyn has been married to her husband for 13 years.  She is the mother to two biological children as well as two adopted children.  They live on a small farm in Oregon. She has most recently written a book, Battle Cry: A True Story of Hope and Encouragement.  This book depicts Jordyn’s adoption story, as well as God’s hand in her life.

If you enjoyed this episode, please take the time to check out her book, Battle Cry.

Kelli Belt Jordyn Glaser

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[Jordyn 2:41] “I came up with a title battle cry because the definition of the battle cry is a loud shout to encourage your own side and to push back the enemy. And so this book is about really encouraging one another. And for heaven’s sake it is time to push back the enemy. So by sharing our stories and being honest and messy and real we can do that.”

In reference to turning to adoption after giving birth to their first two children, who happened to have the exact same birth defect, which was not genetic.

[Jordyn 7:19] “So we [had a biological child] twice and, you know, we learned – we started off parenting learning how to fight for our children. We, you know, it’s hard and we, after that we knew we had always wanted to adopt even before we got married … ”

[Jordyn 12:34] “… I just want to encourage Moms. Hey if you’re in the wait, if you’re anywhere in the wait, you know, hang in there. There’s purpose in it. There really is. And you might not see it in the moment, but you will understand it later.”

[Jordyn 16:19] “It’s not the human way to just completely let go and relinquish control to someone other than ourselves.”

In reference to giving yourself grace to deal with your children’s melt downs.

[Jordyn 47:31] “ … realize that we need to give grace to other moms too and just be like oh you know like you see a mom struggling just be like hey you know it’s OK, you’re OK.”

Jordyn’s Book Battle Cry

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