Ep. 15 Micah Johnson

On today’s episode of Beauty is Rising, Kelli speaks with Micah Johnson.

Micah has worked with children and their families for over 20 years.  First in education and mentorship programs, and now through her business, Seeing Color.  At Seeing Color, Micah helps trans racial families navigate some uncomfortable discussions surrounding race, culture and identity with love and grace.  “I truly believe God has given me the gift of understanding without judgement. I feel truly blessed to do this work.”

Micah also hosted a podcast, Adoption Unscripted, as a way to reach more adoptive trans racial families.  She currently lives and works in a suburb of Nashville, TN, with her teenage daughter.

If you enjoyed this episode, please check out her website here!

Or to get in touch with Micah, please reach out to her via e-mail: adoptionunscripted@ gmail.com

[ Micah 2:12 ] “I was led by God to certain parts that I didn’t see exactly but that he saw and there was a plan there and I really do believe that.”

[ Micah 5:49 ]“And I started talking to a couple of parents and then the next thing you know I was having regular conversations and meeting people regularly for coffee to talk about how they could navigate race culture and identity with their children because that’s what I did with these other children.”

Micah referring to how she got started counseling adoptive parents of children of color.

Why is it important that we see color?

[ Micah 9:30 ] “ … we’re not we’re not God. And so the world permeates our experiences. And so, as a person of color I’m going to look in the mirror and I’m going to see myself as a person of color.  When I navigate through the world, I’m going to navigate as a person of color. And importantly folks are going to see me as a person of color. So if we don’t see our children, if I’ve adopted a child that’s black and I’m white, and I don’t see that child as a black or brown child I’m not really seeing them for who they are.”


Why it is important for you (the parent) to have other people of color in your life.

[ Micah 19:25 ] “ … a lot of times their children take on the fear that their parents are not going to be OK if they happen to want to be friends with other black people.  Or if they want to experience other things that black people do. They’re concerned that their parents are going to feel like somehow that it’s not good enough, that they’re not good enough, and that they’re missing something that they don’t have.”


[ Micah 25:14 ] “ … you don’t have to have experienced it yourself to be able to have sympathy for someone and to empathize because there’s something about all of us. We’ve had our feelings hurt before.”

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