Ep. 14 Beth Guckenberger

In today’s episode, Kelli talks with Beth Guckenberger.

Beth and her husband Todd, live in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they serve as co-executive directors of Back2Back Ministries.  Not only is Beth heavily involved in her executive director responsibilities, she has also authored 8 books, and spends time speaking at various conferences, youth gatherings and church services.

She specializes in conveying biblical concepts with the power of story-telling of her own experiences as a missionary, Bible teacher and parent.

If you enjoyed this episode, please check out her latest book; Start with Amen.

[ Beth 4:58 ] Those phrases to us are just like triggers now, positive triggers, to remember like we like each other. We’re committed to each other. We’re not going anywhere. This is God’s plan. So we use it now like a life script in lots of ways.

 Beth referring to the mantra she repeated with her son to get through their final court date.

[ Beth 6:48 ] When I find myself in a fight and I know I need a weapon, I don’t usually think of rest as one of them. But lately, I’ve been telling myself time yourself out, you know, you need a moment.  Because my thoughts are on a runaway train and they’re going in the wrong direction. And what I need is really to take a beat.

[ Beth 8:47 ] So if I’m starting to feel my reaction does not necessarily correlate with the size of the problem, I realize I might be bringing stress from another state or situation into this moment.

Beth shares a way her an her husband, Todd, gauge their emotions by using a scale from 1 to 10 – not everything is actually a 10.

[ Beth 17:06 ] We set aside two hours every evening [typically 9:30 to 11:30] where we don’t parent, not even a little bit, unless somebody is having an emergency, we don’t help with homework, we don’t get glasses of water, we don’t listen to our teenagers talk about their boyfriends … we just decided to only wear the hat of man or woman, just the spouse.

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