Ep. 13 Kim de Blecourt

In today’s episode, Kelli connects with Speaker and Author Kim de Blecourt.

Kim is an award-winning author, international speaker and executive director of Nourished Hearts, a non-profit serving orphaned and vulnerable children in Ukraine.

Her books include:

  • “I Call You Mine: Embracing God’s Gift of Adoption” (New Hope Publishers, 2018) 
  • “Until We All Come Home: A Harrowing Journey, a Mother’s Courage, a Race to Freedom” (FaithWords, 2012).

Kim is passionate about her relationship with God, caring for the fatherless, and encouraging the Church to do the same.

Besides writing, she loves to read, walk around her neighborhood, and sing on the worship team. 

[Kim 02:01 ] No one ever asked me where I started or where I was when I started. And I love being able to tell people Look I was simply a Christian. Stay at home mom. And then became an adoptive mom and then God shaped everything from that point on.

[Kim: 09:58 ] She didn’t want to be part of a family but she sat down and wrote us letters and saying please adopt my brothers they’re both of adoptable age. I’m really not. And we accepted it. We didn’t like it but we accepted it and we were never allowed to interview the other brother.

[Kim 16:04 ] The day I found out that he appealed our adoption I kind of had a breakdown. My husband and our daughter had already returned to the United States. He’s a commercial builder. And summer is the only time really in Michigan you get to build. And so as his company was waiting for him to come home I’d already lost my job because of the length of time.

Kim opened about how she felt a little bit deserted. From God, from family, from her friends. However, she knew that this couldn’t be true and she persevered because she was being tested. 

[Kim 19:40] That was in August and I didn’t get to come back home till the end of April. The prosecutor fought us from even getting our appeal hearing. And then the appeal was founded not for either side because even though they agreed with us, we did have the 13th spelling mistakes. So we had to go back underneath a different judge and get a new adoption decree with no mistakes. Oh, by the way, it was gonna be the same prosecutor. Though he just continuously tried every delay tactic he did think of.

Kim knew that this is how her journey was supposed to unfold, and with God on her side, she could remain living his purpose. What a great example she is, no matter where you are in your journey you can take these lessons and apply them to yourself!

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