Ep. 11 Lauren Huss

In today’s episode, Kelli connects with friend & fellow adoptive mom Lauren Huss.

Lauren has been married to Ben for 12 years. They are a true “opposites attract” couple who believe they are better together because of their different temperaments. In fact, they call their family “Team Huss” because of their strong convictions about teamwork (and their love of sports)!

They have 7 children ranging in age from 7-20: 6 adopted, 1 biological. 2 young girls, 5 grown boys. All of them became part of Team Huss through cool, God-sized stories. They’ve learned that following Jesus is always an adventure!

[Lauren 02:57 ] One day it became really clear what we were supposed to do and that we were supposed to adopt. And both of us are believers and we we just we know when we hear from the Lord, and I’m really grateful for a husband who is just very matter of fact. He’s like, “The Lord said we should adopt and let’s do it.”

[Lauren: 09:36 ] So in this case he had had a recurring dream about three blond haired boys that were part of our family and he couldn’t make sense of it. And so that’s why he had hesitated to tell me. So when he told me I said, “Well is it the three boys that I just met this fund raiser for?”

And he said I don’t know what you’re talking about. You know typical husband fashion. He had paid attention that I was

gonna be gone that day. But he had not paid attention to the details that I shared about where I was going. And I got excited. I thought OK I didn’t plant this in your mind. You know, this wasn’t you dreaming about something because I had talked to you about it. This was truly the Lord giving you a vision. 

Lauren [16:04 ] And I had unknowingly built built up all of these expectations. And Kelly, I know you’ve heard this phrase before but we’ve learned that expectations are premeditated resentment and that is what’s happened in my case, when all of the sudden when they got home and it looked very very different than what I thought it was going to be.

Lauren [26:24] We have a little acronym that’s Cape. So that’s the C is capture the thought and then the second thing is apply God’s word. And this is an important reminder of why we need to know scripture right. Because we can’t replace that with truth. If we don’t know truth.

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